The Founder

My name is Alla Markh. I am the founder of Global Languages. My duties involve supporting the smooth-running of the language school, including all organisational and financial matters. In addition to that I am involved in teaching personally. I teach English as a Second Language, Russian for Business and Personal Use and Russian for Children.

Since early childhood I have been fascinated by languages -their diversity, elegance and cultural reflection. By the age of twelve, apart from Russian (my native language), I was fluent in English and Latvian. Later I mastered Spanish and German. From my personal experience I know that language study demands the utmost patience, time and commitment, but the challenge is extremely rewarding. The more progress you make, the more satisfaction it gives you.  

When I finished school I had no doubt that my future career had to be connected with languages. I did my BA in Translation and Interpreting, which gave me a strong linguistic foundation.  Parallel to my studies I worked part-time as an English and Russian tutor for school children, and realised that my passion is teaching. I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and love of languages with other people. I believe that every new language you learn opens new doors for a better and brighter future.  Languages not only allow for dialogue in another tongue but also give an insight into different cultures - promoting understanding and mutual respect.

In 2007 I attended a course on Communicative Language Teaching at the University of Oxford (UK) which helped me develop new ideas on language teaching and management of a language school, as well as strengthening my interest in the academic research in the field of Second Language Acquisition. I then embarked on a Master's program in Management of Language Learning at the University of Greenwich (UK) and was awarded Master of Arts with Merit in 2009.

At the moment in addition to teaching I am involved in PhD research dedicated to the acquisition of foreign language grammars in adulthood. I find research in this field extremely beneficial for a foreign language teacher as it lets me get an insight into the internal mechanism of the learner and teach languages more effectively.
Because of my academic background, multilingual profile and extensive experience in language teaching I feel myself in an ideal position to assess the skills of the language tutors before they start working with us, as well as provide centrally guided quality control, which helps us achieve high standards of service.