Russian for Children

The "Russian for Children" course is ideal for immigrant children from Russian-speaking countries, or children born in this country to Russian-speaking or mixed families. Normally in such families the child's spoken Russian has been established by the parents since birth and it is at the level of a native speaker. However, we can often observe that as children grow older in the English speaking environment they start losing their native language and at some point they are no longer able to express their thoughts in a grammatically and stylistically correct manner.
Being involved in research on first and second language acquisition, I have studied how the human brain acquires languages in childhood and what happens to this mechanism as we grow older. The age of 12-13 is considered to be a 'critical point' in language learning. Whatever the child has acquired by this point is settled in the brain and is fixed for the rest of their life. Of course this does not mean that we are unable to learn foreign languages after the age of 12, just at this stage the language learning function in the brain slows down dramatically. This is the reason why we struggle to learn a language to a native-like level in adulthood, while a little child is able to speak fluently by the age of 5. Being multilingual, i.e. able to speak more than one language to a native standard is a great gift in life, as well as for the benefit for the future of your child. Therefore I strongly encourage all parents of multilingual children to enhance, stimulate and advance the language skills of their children.
Our "Russian for Children" programme aims to develop your child's communication skills further, improving all aspects of the language – grammar, style, reading and writing skills. This goal is achieved via interactive and practical exercises, games, group projects, etc. Apart from language skills, this course also aims at developing the child's logical thinking, memory, attention, creativity and good manners, as well as familiarising the child with Russian literature, history and culture.