Russian Courses

Russian is the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia and the most widely spoken of all Slavic languages. Russian is one of the official languages of the United Nations and a language of emerging economic power.
If you are planning to establish business with Russians, visit Russia frequently, or you just want to learn one of the most beautiful and interesting languages in the world we are pleased to help you.
Depending on your level and reasons for learning Russian you can choose one of the following courses. Any course is tailored to your individual needs and preferences, with emphasise to language aspects and topics which are of most importance in your particular situation.
N.B.: Russian lessons are available as part of Corporate Language Training program and Privately Funded Tuition

Survival Course

Survival Course is great if you are planning a short visit to a Russian speaking country and/or you want to make good contacts within the local community. After learning the basics, the course develops according to your needs. Typical students include those doing business overseas, spouses of people originally from Russian speaking countries, and those who are about to set off on that long-awaited trip.

Beginners Course

Beginners course is designed to build up your Russian steadily. Typically the first things you learn will be greetings and basic etiquette, leading to reading and writing skills and basic aspects of Russian grammar. Students should expect to leave the Beginners course with basic Telephone Russian and E-mail Russian skills for communicating, as well as Survival Russian (reserving room at a hotel, ordering meal at a restaurant, asking for directions in the street etc.) required when visiting a Russian speaking country. The course is always tailored to your needs, taking into consideration situations in which you are more likely to use your Russian.

Intermediate Course

Intermediate course is designed for those who already have some knowledge of colloquial and written Russian, as well as basic aspects of Russian grammar. At this stage we will focus more on your ability to actually communicate. We will practice tasks aimed at enriching your vocabulary, speaking and writing skills. We will do listening exercises to improve your comprehension. This is probably the most exciting and challenging stage in your learning process, the stage when you cross the bridge between the classroom and you being a confident language user in real life.

Advanced Course

Advanced course is designed for people who already possess good knowledge of spoken and written Russian and have good understanding of main aspects of Russian grammar. Advanced level learning materials include grammar, reading, writing, listening comprehension exercises etc. At this stage your preferences and interests are very important. If you are likely to use Russian for business purposes, you may also choose Business Course for Advanced Learners, or a combined course tailored to achieve both objectives.

Business Course for Advanced Learners

For this course a reasonable knowledge of Russian is assumed. We will focus on the vocabulary and language used in the business world and the language used for composing Emails, business letters, presentations, and reports will form the basis of your studies and practice. Additionally, the correct usage of specific terminology in your business context will be discussed and practiced.