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Why Foreign Language is a Great Asset?

Planning a visit to a foreign country? Want to chat more freely with your in-laws? Feel it's time to learn a language other than English?  Whatever your reason for learning a language, we will be happy to help! Our professionally trained tutors will help you learn a language from scratch or build more confidence in what you already know. The benefit of having your own private tutor is that you can tailor your language classes to exactly meet your needs, interests and level.

Privately Funded Language Training Programmes

If you want to learn as a family or with a friend, you are welcome to do so. Learning in a group is more cost effective and often more fun, as it enables interaction in the target language. Depending on your preferences and the number of people involved in the language course you may choose one of the following training formats:

Individual Tuition

  • Flexible schedule
  • Designed specifically for you
  • The fastest way to progress
Individual tuition is the most flexible option for language training as the course is designed specifically for each student. The content of the course is tailored to match the student's level, pace, weaknesses, interests and special needs. Individual tuition is the best way to make quick progress. Since you are the only student in the class, there is no one else to hold you back.  It is an ideal solution for those who have a variable schedule. Our tutors are very flexible in scheduling classes around the student's availability. 

Pair and Group Tuition

  • Cost-effective
  • Interactive, motivating and fun
  • Team-building opportunity
Colleagues can have language classes together if they share a similar starting level in the target language as well as their needs and objectives. Studying in a group enables interaction in the target language between the students in and outside the classroom which stimulates the progress and maintains motivation. Other benefits of group tuition include a lower per capita cost coupled with team building opportunities.


Tuition Type

Hourly Rate Per Student

Hourly Rate Per Group










Discounts available for:
  • Bigger groups
  • Blocks of 30 hours of tuition
  • Intensive tuition of more than 20 hours per week
Tuition rates include hand-outs that the tutor brings to each lesson. They do not include the cost of learning materials, such as a course book.  You do not have to buy a course book, however if you want one, we can order it for you.
You may pay for the first two lessons on "pay as you go" basis, and once you are happy with everything and decide to go ahead, you would be asked to make an advanced payment for a block of 10-30 hours.

We recommend a minimum of 90 minutes of tuition per week. Classes can be scheduled flexibly and do not have to take place same day and time; or even every week. You can increase or decrease the frequency of lessons at any time.