On-line Lessons

Global Languages are pleased to offer a new service – on-line lessons via Skype. You can now learn a foreign language in the comfort of your own home or office. Here are some of the benefits of on-line lessons:
  • It saves you time and money travelling to the language classes.
  • You can learn a foreign language with your preferred tutor from any part of the world.
  • Unlimited access to the Global Languages On-line Resource Centre, where we place all of our learning materials at your disposal: reading, grammar, writing, audio and video materials, games, on-line books, etc.
  • The rates for on-line lessons are lower than for face-to-face lessons.


Free try-out lesson! In order to give you the taste of what on-line lessons are like we offer you a one hour on-line session with your personal tutor free of charge.

What do I need for on-line lessons?

In order to take on-line lessons all you need is a computer with an Internet connection and the Skype program installed on it, headphones or speakers, a microphone and ideally a camera.

How does it all work?

After you’ve had your free try-out lesson via Skype and decided to go ahead, you will discuss your learning programme with the tutor and arrange the days and times of your lessons. The tutor will recommend to you the learning materials that best suit your needs and proficiency level. If you would like to buy the course book or other materials, we can recommend shops where they are available. Alternatively, you can get all the necessary materials from our On-line Resource Centre, which you will have access to as soon as you have booked the course. The lessons will take place at the prearranged time, the tutor will call you on Skype and you will have the on-line lesson exactly like a face-to face lesson.