English Courses

If you are a newcomer to the country with very little knowledge of English, or you need to gain more confidence in what you already know and improve your language skills, you can choose one of the following courses to suit your individual level and needs. Any course is tailored to your preferences with the emphasis on the language aspects and topics that are of most importance in your particular situation.

Survival Course

The Survival Course is ideal if you have just arrived in the country and need to build up basic conversational skills quickly in order to make contacts within the local community. Typically the first things you learn will be greetings and basic etiquette, as well as survival topics such as asking for directions in the street, going to the shop, understanding the street signs. After that the course develops according to your needs.

Beginners Course

The Beginners course is designed to build up your English steadily. The first things you learn will be greetings and basic etiquette, leading to reading and writing skills and basic aspects of English grammar. Students should expect to leave the Beginners course with basic skills for communicating, as well as survival English. The course is always tailored to your needs, taking into consideration situations in which you are most likely to use your English.

Intermediate Course

The Intermediate course is designed for those who already have some knowledge of conversational and written English, as well as the basic aspects of English grammar. At this stage we will focus more on your ability to actually communicate. We will practice tasks aimed at enriching your vocabulary, speaking and writing skills. We will do listening exercises to improve your comprehension. This is probably the most exciting and challenging stage in your learning process, the stage when you cross the bridge between the classroom and you being a confident language user in real life.

Advanced Course

The Advanced course is designed for people who already possess good knowledge of spoken and written English and have a good understanding of the main aspects of English grammar. Advanced level learning materials include grammar, reading, writing, and listening comprehension exercises.