About Global Languages

What We Do

Global Languages is a language training services provider. We organise language courses and tuition for clients in both private and corporate sectors in the Greater Toronto Area. We specialise in Corporate (In-Company) Language Training and Private Language Tuition for Individuals and Groups.

How We Work

Our language training is convenient and flexible, as we arrange for language classes to take place at a time and location suitable for you or your employees. You may choose the training format that is most convenient for you: on 1-1 basis, in small groups, or on-line. All of our courses are tailored to meet your needs, objectives and level of proficiency. All you need to do is:
  1. Contact us at: (647) 367-9424 or alla.markh@globallanguages.ca. We will have a chat to understand your priorities and see how we can best help.
  2. We will schedule a pre-course meeting to discuss your objectives, level of proficiency, the contents and the format of your course.
  3. We will send you an E-mail to summarise the content of the pre-course meeting and confirm practical details such as the timing, the starting date and the tuition fee.
  4. We will assign you a tutor, who will deliver a course adapted to your needs and priorities. We will send you the information about your tutor's experience, educational backgrounds and interests, as well as their contact details.
  5. You are ready to get started! We will keep in touch with you for feedback and evaluation. Your satisfaction with the service you receive is crucial to us!
Click here for more detailed information on organising Corporate Language Training.

Our Tutors

At Global Languages we recognise the utmost importance of successfully established relationships with a language tutor, which results in a safe and comfortable learning environment. That is why we are very careful to ensure that our tutors are highly professional, approachable and totally enthusiastic about teaching languages. When selecting our tutors we always ensure that they have sufficient teaching experience, teaching qualifications and/or university degree. Many of our tutors have gained experience teaching in different countries in addition to Canada. Apart from English and their native tongue they usually speak other languages as well. This helps them understand what it is like for you to learn a new language.
If you are interested in joining our tutor's team, we would love to hear from you. E-mail us your resume at: alla.markh@globallanguages.ca or call us on: (647) 367-9424.